Required Waiver-Release Verbiage | Whispering Willows Hot Springs
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Required Waiver-Release Verbiage

The following document will be provided by email from Renee Graner,, the Property Manager for guests’ review and signature before a reservation can be confirmed:



I represent to Whispering Willows Hot Springs, LLC (“Whispering Willows”), that I am acting as agent for the adults whose names are listed in the registration form. They have authorized me to act on their behalves to negotiate, for our own convenience and to advance our own interests, the terms of the lease of Whispering Willows. I understand that Whispering Willows is reasonably relying on this representation of my authority.

As consideration for leasing the Whispering Willows premises to us, I, in my personal and representative capacities, waive and prospectively release all claims, against Whispering Willows (including those against its employees and agents) and or the property owners (including those against their employees and agents), for simple negligence and or for all claims under the Colorado premises liability act (CRS § 13-21-115) and or for all claims for nonfeasance.

I acknowledge, that while staying on the Whispering Willows premises that members of our party may be participating in activities with certain risks and hazards, including, but not limited to, walking on slippery surfaces, soaking in hot springs, swimming, being present on elevated decks, fishing in ponds, playing and hiking adjacent to the creek/river.

On behalf of myself and my principals I hereby accept any and all risks of injury, death, or loss of any kind, caused by the realization of risks inherent to the premises.

On behalf of those of my principals who are parents, and who are accompanied on the premises by their children, I acknowledge that the above noted waiver and release and assumption of risk covers potential claims by or on behalf of their children.

I have provided a copy of this Waiver/Release Agreement to all adults within our party.

Any dispute involving this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Colorado with venue for any litigation in Chaffee County, Colorado.

I have carefully read the foregoing and know and understand the contents.