Policies | Whispering Willows Hot Springs
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  • Three-night minimum required
  • Rates and policies are valid only for the current calendar year.  Rates are subject to change for the next calendar year. Please read more about our rates.
  • A 7.55% lodging tax will be added to your total
  • You will be required to sign a rental agreement, waiver, and pay in full before a confirmed reservation can be confirmed by the property manager.
  • One-Time Housekeeping Fee of $175.00
  • One-Time Pool Maintenance Fee of $125


A signed waiver is required by our insurance company due to the swimming pool, fish ponds, creek, soaking hole, and elevated decks. We also want to protect our guests and property for all to enjoy safely. A completed waiver must be received prior to arrival. Fill in waiver here.


Check-in is at 3 pm and check-out is at 10:00 am.   Due to the time involved to clean both the house and pool, as well as lawn maintenance, we are unable to accommodate early check-in or late check-out.


We require a security deposit of $500. Your deposit will be refunded if no damage or theft has occurred, no excessive cleaning is required, and all of the policies listed below have been honored.

Any damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing, and equipment, including the removal of electronic equipment, towels, artwork, antiques, etc. will be charged at 120% of full and new replacement value plus any shipping and handling charges.

Any damage to Whispering Willows Hot Springs property, whether accidental or willful, is the responsibility of the registered guest. Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement will be charged to the credit card of the registered guest. In extreme cases, criminal charges will be perused.

Extra Guests

Please notify us if you have more people staying at Whispering Willows Hot Springs than stated in your reservation. Guests who do not request prior approval are subject to an extra $100 per night per person.  Contact the property manager directly at COMountainRentals@gmail.com.

If you have day guests at Whispering Willows Hot Springs, the property manager will need to give approval in writing (an email or text is sufficient) and guests must sign a waiver also.

We do not provide daily housekeeping. However, additional fresh towels, bedding, and light cleaning are available for an additional charge. Please make arrangements prior to your stay, or call during your stay if you find you need this service. There will be an extra charge.

Please clean the kitchen before checking out

We may deduct a kitchen-cleaning fee of $50.00 from your deposit if applicable.


In the winter it may snow. There are snow shovels located at the front door and in the closet on the back deck. Remember this is your home in the mountains during your stay so please remember cleanliness and safety.

Air Conditioning

The house does not have air conditioning. If needed fans are provided for warm days


No Smoking in the house! If you smoke in the house, your deposit will be subject to forfeiture. If you smoke outside, please exercise extreme caution. We are always very concerned about fires. Please be considerate and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground around the property. Use the designated ash cans or trash barrels, not the barbecue grill or wastebaskets.


No pets on property please. We love pets, but we cannot allow pets on the property, no exceptions. If you bring pets onto the premises your deposit will be subject to forfeiture.

Cancellation Policy

We have a no-cancellation policy if you are within 180 days of your reservation.  If you cancel before more than 180 days, guests will receive a full refund of the Security Deposit, housekeeping fees, and all rent paid in advance, less a $75.00 cancellation fee. In the event a guest cancels the reservation less than 180 days prior to the arrival date, a refund of all or a portion of the rent paid in advance will be made only to the extent that a replacement guest can be found to occupy the property for part or all of the time reserved, less the $75.00 cancellation fee. If a guest cancels within 180 days of the scheduled arrival date, and no replacement guest is found to occupy the property during the guest’s reserved dates, then the guest shall receive a refund of the Security Deposit and housekeeping fee, but shall not receive any refund of the total rental paid. However, the owner’s agent will make every attempt to re-rent the property with a refund to the guest for the amount of the rental paid by the replacement guest (up to the amount paid by the guest for said date(s)), less the $75.00 cancellation fee.

No refunds will be issued due to weather conditions. We recommend that guests purchase Vacation Renter Insurance to protect their investment in their vacation. If you would like further information about the types of travel coverage available, the conditions or limitations on the coverage, and/or the cost of the insurance, please contact an insurance company which offers such coverage (such as TravelGuard at 800-826-7791 or go online at www.TravelGuard.com).


In Case of Emergency

  • For house or pool maintenance,  call the property manager or other local contact numbers in the house manual.
  • Obviously, if there is a fire please call 911 and leave the premises immediately.  Move all vehicles from the front of the property to give access to the fire department.
  • For a medical emergency, please call 911.
  • This property does not have a landline, only internet.  If you are unable to use your cell phone from an emergency, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs next door does have landlines.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Whispering Willows Hot Springs !
Thank You, Have a Good Day and More.